Radio Deluxe w/ John Pizzarelli
Saturdays 5PM - 7PM

"...Radio Deluxe, a syndicated radio show that combines the retro feel of a 1940s living room broadcast with a boomer's passion for the Great American Songbook..."

Radio Deluxe with John Pizzarelli is radio that is indeed deluxe. Every weekend John and his wife and co-host, singer Jessica Molaskey, play music and entertain guests in their "deluxe living room." The stories, the laughs, the artists and their songs make the party a must for listeners week after week. John and Jessie know everybody in the business, and most all of them eventually drop by for a visit.

The lives of John and Jessica play out at Carnegie Hall, the Hollywood Bowl, Lincoln Center, the Algonquin Hotel, Broadway, and jazz festivals and innumerable other venues around the world. But while it all seems deluxe, it's also real-life: waiting for the early-morning school bus, escorting eight-year-olds on a field trip, canoeing on the lake, and countless cab-rides.

Radio Deluxe with John Pizzarelli is radio that few broadcasters take the time to produce anymore. It’s friendly, entertaining, even addictive. And it all happens in the world of John and Jessica - where we all wish we could spend a little more time.

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